No-Save Evaluation

Who is it for?

Anyone interested in trying out FaceFX Studio Professional should download the no-save evaluation. Game developers and enterprise application developers, make sure to read about the additional benefits available in FaceFX Unlimited like batch processing and a runtime SDK.

What You Can Do

  • Get your FBX file talking in FaceFX Studio
  • Setup targets for your character and test them in FaceFX Studio
  • Create your own python scripts for generating content from scratch
  • Learn how to use FaceFX
  • NEW! Rendering screenshots (and thus rendering movies using the render python script) is enabled in the no-save evaluation.


  • As the no-save name implies, saving content is disabled in the no-save version
  • Exporting FBX, XML, animsets, templates, and other file-types from the application is disabled
  • Certain python functions for retrieving phoneme times and keys have been disabled 


FaceFX plugins are available for 3ds Max and Maya. Plugins can be used to import animations generated inside of FaceFX Studio and to define bone poses. The FBX pipeline can also be used to import animations and define bone poses, so FaceFX plugins are not required, but they are available here for free. You cannot generate new animations from the plugins.


The FaceFX Runtime is a highly optimized animation playback system. It is sold separately from FaceFX Studio, and licensed on a per-title, per-platform basis. It is used by the FaceFX Unreal Engine integration.

You can evaluate PC binaries for the FaceFX Runtime after logging in and accepting our EULA. Indie projects with revenue under $500,000 can use the PC binary files for free (see the EULA for details).

Download your evaluation copy of FaceFX 2022

Download FaceFX 2022 No-Save