About Us

OC3 Entertainment

OC3 Entertainment is a private company founded in 2002 by Jamie Redmond, John Briggs, and Doug Perkowski. Our mission is simple: to power the gaming industry with realistic talking characters.

The OC3 Entertainment team takes facial animation seriously, not only because it’s our job but because we feel it is important. 3D graphics technology is advancing at an incredibly rapid pace due to hardware and software improvements, and new applications are constantly emerging that can take advantage of this sophistication and power. Applications like serious games, machinima, and interactive 3D customer service agents are poised to push 3D technology into our everyday lives, while new game types focusing on social interaction are appealing to a wider audience. Many of the applications on the frontier of the 3D technology landscape require simulating realistic human interactions and, therefore, also require realistic facial animation technology. OC3 Entertainment is dedicated to providing this technology and powering the next generation of 3D applications and games.