FaceFX Feature Comparison

The below feature matrix explains the differences between the various versions of FaceFX Studio. FaceFX No-Save is for evaluation use only. FaceFX Studio Professional is available for purchase on a per-seat basis, and FaceFX Unlimited is available for purchase on a per-game-title or per-project basis.

  No‑Save Professional Unlimited
Get your FBX file talking in FaceFX Studio yes yes yes
Setup targets for your character and test them in FaceFX Studio yes yes yes
Python scripting yes yes yes
Python scripting with access to key information no yes yes
Save .facefx, .xml, .animset, and other binary files no yes yes
Export .fbx files no yes yes
Batch process audio files no no yes
Modify source code and recompile FaceFX Studio no no yes
Include FaceFX Runtime License (see below) no no no



The FaceFX Runtime is a highly optimized animation playback system.  It is sold separately from FaceFX Studio, and licensed on a per-title, per-platform basis.  It is used by the FaceFX Unreal Engine integration.

You can evaluate PC binaries for the FaceFX Runtime after logging in and accepting our EULA.  Indie projects with revenue under $500,000 can use the PC binary files for free (see the EULA for details).