OC3 Entertainment, Inc. founded to bring talking characters to the gaming market

Morrisville, North Carolina - September 6, 2002 - OC3 Entertainment, Inc. officially opens for talking today and announces that it has acquired LIPSinc’s TalkBack®, LiveTalk™, and Impersonator™ software development kits for sale into the gaming market. The technology utilizes audio input to drive realistic facial movements for game characters.

“LIPSinc software established the industry standard for facial animation,” said Doug Perkowski, chief executive officer of OC3 Entertainment. “We’re very excited about the opportunity to deliver and expand upon the applications this technology has in the gaming industry.”

OC3 Entertainment also announced it will continue to develop and support the Impersonator product line, a middleware solution for game engines. A fully integrated version of Impersonator is already available to Unreal Engine licensees. It allows level designers, mod developers or anyone with access to UnrealEd to create convincing character dialog. For more information about Epic Games and the Unreal Engine, please visit www.epicgames.com.

About OC3 Entertainment
OC3 Entertainment (www.oc3ent.com) is a private company dedicated to powering the gaming industry with realistic talking characters. The company develops the Impersonator product line, a middleware solution for game engines.

About LIPSinc
LIPSinc provided facial animation solutions for gaming, wireless, CRM, and rich media applications before ceasing operations in August 2002.

Contact Information:

Doug Perkowski, OC3 Entertainment, Inc.
(919) 767-0626

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