FaceFX 2022 and FaceFX Runtime 2.1 released!

November 29, 2022 - OC3 Entertainment Announces Major Update to FaceFX Technology

OC3 Entertainment is excited to release a major new version of FaceFX which delivers incredible performance improvements, support, fixes, and more. FaceFX 2022.1 and the FaceFX Runtime 2.1, along with Unreal Engine 4 and Unreal Engine 5 plugins, will be available starting November 29, 2022. Our focus is to continue to deliver the most sophisticated facial animation toolset on the market. These new features will increase functionality and bring our clients the most streamlined user experience possible.

What is FaceFX? FaceFX is an automated facial animation tool for games, film, and applications. Using only an audio clip, FaceFX uses proprietary technology to convert audio into lifelike facial animation with hundreds of ways to customize and fine-tune any 3D character output.

What’s new in FaceFX 2022.1? FaceFX has improved the entire content pipeline, from single and batch audio file analysis all the way through the final export and data compilation stages. Our team has been listening to customer feedback and has been working diligently to create an optimized experience and increase functionality across the board. These enhancements substantially decrease facial animation processing times for large projects that need hundreds or many thousands of facial animations. These new changes will convert hours into minutes for PCs with multi-core processors. With the new FaceFX Commander application and multithreaded FaceFX Runtime data compiler, users can now take full advantage of the hardware given to FaceFX. This major update delivers massive performance improvements over prior versions. Additionally, the Unreal Engine 4 FaceFX plugin has been updated and we are also proud to announce the availability of the Unreal Engine 5 FaceFX plugin.

"We are very pleased to release this major update to our entire suite of software. It was a significant undertaking to overhaul the software's internals and deliver a suite of products that will streamline our customers' workflows. Our customers that have many thousands of lines of dialogue will see a huge and immediate benefit and we are very excited to get it into their hands." -Jamie Redmond, CTO for FaceFX.

Learn more about FaceFX products at https://facefx.com.
Contact sales@oc3ent.com for more information on pricing and services.

New FaceFX Studio 2022.1 Features

  • Massive performance improvements to batch analysis and .fbx export (FaceFX Unlimited Only)
  • New Commander tool that can utilize all CPU cores during batch audio analysis and batch .fbx export (FaceFX Unlimited Only)
  • Added support for Visual Studio 2022
  • Added support for 3ds Max and Maya 2022 and 2023
  • Performance improvements to audio loading and animation baking
  • Numerous minor improvements and bug fixes
  • New FaceFX Runtime 2.1 Features

  • Compiler is now multithreaded, delivering massive performance improvements during asset compilation
  • Compiler can now utilize all CPU cores during asset compilation
  • Added support for Visual Studio 2022
  • Added support for the latest console SDKs
  • Performance improvements to animation compilation
  • Numerous improvements and bug fixes
  • About OC3 Entertainment: A leader in audio-based facial animation technology and the creator of FaceFX continues to provide high quality solutions for streamlining the process of creating facial animation. With games becoming more realistic every year, OC3 is the original pioneer of facial animation automation and continues to provide cutting edge solutions for its customers. OC3 Entertainment has over 20 years dedicated to providing this technology and powering the next generation of 3D applications and games. Their technology is used in over 1000 game title SKU’s and applications worldwide. Visit https://facefx.com for more information.